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Properties that are professionally managed are more likely to have lower expenditures, more frequent rental rate increases and higher overall market values. We offer nearly two decades of experience dealing exclusively with residential properties:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Duplexes and Triplexes 
  • Single Family Homes


Get Your Time Back

Whether you own one property or an entire portfolio, leave the day-to-day management to Gordon Property Management:

  • Leasing and Management
  • Tenant Qualification
  • Monthly Rent Collection, Deposits and Financials
  • Repairs, Remodels and Contractor Supervision


Real Estate Rules & Regulations

Our licensed real estate agents, CAM and property managers can help you navigate complicated local, state and federal  housing regulations and programs: 

  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
  • Code Compliance and 40 Year Inspections
  • Property Tax Appeals

Our Team

Clint Gordon, Realtor®, has more than 25 years of experience in residential and commercial property management and real estate sales and leasing. His specialty is managing the real estate portfolios of high net worth investors. He advises his clients when to buy and sell, handles rentals and collections, works with local regulatory and county housing agencies, and prepares all financials and reporting.

J.W. Arnold is a licensed real estate broker-associate and community association manager (CAM). A longtime public relations and marketing professional, he brings his broad experience to the firm's sales, marketing and resident relations efforts.

Properties and Services

Representative Properties

Blue Dolphin 04/2004 – 05/2010 (property sold)

43 Units

Property Leasing and Management, Vacant Unit Preparation

Park Hill Apartments 01/11/2005 – 07/01/2005 (property sold)

168 Units

Property Leasing and Management, Code Compliance, Insurance Claims

Cadillac Villas 10/01/2005 – until property sold

9 Luxury Waterfront Units and Docks

Property Leasing and Management, Property Tax Appeals

Sunland Apartment 01/31/2007 – present

151 Units, 3 Buildings

Property Leasing and Management, Property Tax Appeals, Code Compliance

Magadian Apartments 07/01/2011 – until property sold

25 Units

Property Leasing and Management, Property Tax Appeals, Code Compliance

O’Sean Villa LLC 11/11/2010 – present

17 Oceanfront Luxury Rentals

Property Leasing and Management, Evictions

Palmetto Rentals 12/10/2012 – until property sold

230 Units (B&C units)

Property Leasing and Management, Contractor Supervision

1533 NW 4th Apartments 6/2014 - present

88 Units

Property Leasing and Management, Contractor Supervision, Code Compliance

List of Representative Single Family Units Also Available on Request

Our Services

Leasing and Management

Tenant Qualification

Monthly Rent Collection and Deposits

Tenant Relations

Vacant Unit Preparation


Neighborhood Relations

Contractor Supervision

Code Compliance

Property Tax Appeals

Other Business Services

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I'm actually able to take a vacation now that Gordon Property Management is managing our rentals."

– Nick O'Bea, O'Bea Family Trust

"Since Clint Gordon began managing our rentals, we're collecting record income on our multi-family buildings in Florida."

– Constance Prowant, Model 36 Gang

"Not only has Gordon Property Management helped us identify profitable new rental properties for purchase, they then manage them...full service in every sense."

– Zachary David, Palmetto Rentals

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